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What is Disabilities-Online?

Disabilities-Online is a comprehensive guide to information concerning disabilities available on the World Wide Web. All directory listings are contained within the 28 Top Categories: Accessible Design, Alternative Medicine & Treatment, Arts & Culture, Assistive Technologies, Bulletin Boards and Newsgroups, Children, Companies, Computers & Internet, Disability Rights, Diseases and Conditions, Education, Employment, Events, Government Agencies, Independent Living, Institutes, Legal, Media, Online Communities, Organizations, Pharmacies, Personal Experience, Sexuality, Sports and Recreation, Studies, Support and Resources, Therapies and Rehabilitation, Travel and Transportation.

Web sites are cross-referenced, so that if it's appropriate - and it usually is - a site may appear under more than one category. An example of this would be the web site for the American Association of People with Disabilities, which appears in three different categories:

> Organizations
> Disability Rights > USA > Advocacy Groups
> Support and Resources > Organizations

The Disabilities-Online database is created and maintained by editors who evaluate web sites submitted by visitors and organize them into categories and sub-categories. To find out how to suggest a site, see below (How do I suggest a site?).

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How do I search?

Start by typing a word (or several words) into the search box that appears above the categories and links on every page of Disabilities-Online. Click on the the word "Search" and our search engine will look for possible matches with web sites in our database.

Because Disabilities-Online is a subject-based directory, it's a good idea to try searching for the general subject you are interested in. For instance, if you want to find a summer residence camp for children with disabilities, type the word camp. Or, if you're looking for information on wheelchair basketball, bype the word basketball. This method will deliver more results than if you just looked for a specific web site.

It's often better to search for categories rather than individual sites. That's especially true if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for. Of course if you are sure, simply search for the site by title!

Visiting categories is easier and more worthwhile than wandering through the search results pages for individual sites. If you are, however, scanning the search results page and see a link to a site that might be worth visiting, click on the category where that site resides. That's better than simply clicking on the link itself.

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How do I suggest a site?

Begin by locating the specific category in Disabilities-Online that should contain your site. You will have to browse through the directory to find the most specific sub-category that describes the subject matter of your site. Suggest only one main category - if our editors feel the site should go into more than one category, they will add the categories.

Please remember that we do not list sites that are under construction. Wait until your site is completed before submitting.

Once you have found the specific category you think is right, click on "suggest new link" at the bottom of the page. An email form will appear. Fill in the URL, title, description, and other information requested, and send the email when you're done. Your suggestion will automatically be sent to our editors for consideration.

While it doesn't cost anything to submit a site to Disabilities-Online, the decision to list a site in our database is up to the editors.


Please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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